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Album Descriptions

Sami Yusuf

Barakah - 2016

Album Description

Immerse yourself in remembrance of the divine with Sami Yusuf's new album, 'Barakah'.

Each song takes us on an inner journey of self-discovery, as we travel the globe from West Africa to India, submerged in the beauty of Sufi musical traditions.

Masterfully performed, every song is inspired by the diverse Islamic musical traditions that for centuries have honoured the Sacred.

Considered by many to be the genre-defining icon of contemporary spiritual music, Sami Yusuf adds to the millions of sales of his first albums through this deeper exploration of the tradition that defines him.

"Barakah" beautifully encapsulates the spiritual depth of the Islamic Tradition and awakens in each of us the serenity, love and appreciation of the Divine Grace. 

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