Posted on April 3rd, 2013

Sami Yusuf came to Istanbul to promote his latest album “Salaam”.

Lots of fans and the Janissary Band welcomed the famous musician at Atatürk Airport. Sami Yusuf posed for cameras with fans and sang his song “Salaam” with the tunes of the Janissary Band and the choir of fans. In a statement to the press, Sami Yusuf said he is pleased to be in Turkey and noted “Turkish people are always in my heart. I send my kisses to everyone in Turkey. May God bless all of them.”

On April 2, at Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul, Sami Yusuf will promote his latest album called “Salaam”, which means “peace” and “the final stage of humans before God.”

The artist will also appear in a concert in Antalya Expo Center on April 6.