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Posted on June 2nd, 2017

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Music: Traditional (Afghani Folklore)
Additional Words: Ustad. B. Radmanesh, Mehboob and B. Kherigi
Raag: Bhairav

Arguably the most endearing and popular of Sami Yusuf’s songs, it is actually a cover of a traditional piece, ‘Mollā Mammad Jān’, which dates back to over a century ago and originated in Khorasan or what is now known as Afghanistan. This version is a traditional rendition of the 2005 hit with Sami Yusuf singing in the original Persian as well as Turkish, Urdu and Arabic.


Lets go to the shrine o dear Mollā Mamad
To see the tulips there, o sweet beloved
O generous one, the lion of God, heal my pain
Plead on my behalf before God
lets go to the shrine o dear Mollā Mamad
To see the tulips there, o sweet beloved
Let us weep and weep, O sweet beloved

Sufficient is for me my Lord
God is Great
There is none in my heart besides God
The light of Mohammed (God’s peace and blessings be upon him)
There is none worthy of worship but God

Who is the only One?
Who is the King?
Who is the Merciful?

Who is the most praised and benevolent?
Whatever you see in this world is His sign
He’s the love of every soul

He is the Forgiver of all sins
He is the King of the universe
He is the Refuge of all hearts

O God hear my sorrows and my sighs
Have mercy and pardon my sins
Bless my night and days

O Lord of the worlds
Send peace and blessings
On Taha the trustworthy
In every time and at every instant

Fill my heart with conviction
Make me steadfast on this religion
And forgive me and all the believers

Performers (From right to left):

Seyyed Mohammad Jaberi: Daf, Bendir, Dayre & Vocals
Ömer Avci: Dohol, Bendir, Kudum & Vocals
Abbas Karacan: Bass Darabuka, Bendir & Tef
Mustafa Olgan: Qanun & Vocals
Selim Boyaci: Oud & Vocals
Seyed Ali Jaberi: Tanbour, Tar & Vocals
Türker Dinletir: Ney, Zourna & vocals
Adem Tosunoglu: Baglama, Tanbur, Kemançe & Vocals
Farshad Mohammadi: Santoor & Vocals
Jon Lawton: Classical Guitar, Tanbour & Vocals


Sami Yusuf: Vocal, Piano, Tar, Oud & Tonbak


Backing Vocalists (From the right):

Sami Mohammad Ahmad Alhaj: Bass
AbdulRazzak Barma: Baritone
Abeer El Sayed Ahmad: Mezzo-Soprano
Nancy Al Baltaji: Contra-Alto

Qawwali Musicians:

Riaz Hussain
Abbas Ghayoor
Manoj Kumar Moothedath
Haider Ali Hussain Shah Sudheesh Kakkur
Syed Ali Mehdi Naqvi

Executive Producers: Ahmed Salim, Sami Yusuf, Christine Hoechstoetter

Recording Engineer: Peter Herrmann
Mixed and Mastered by Vishnu Rajan @ Andante Studios
Video Editing and Postproduction by Omar Habib @ Andante Studios
Colour Grading @ Elements Cine Productions
Filmed by 2Shoes (London, UK)

Graphic Design & Artwork: Kwame Busia
Additional Graphics & Design: Mahdi Jahangir

The DVD (+ Audio CD) includes 19 tracks, 4 Bonus tracks + Behind The Scenes, Exclusive Interview with Sami Yusuf as well as a beautifully designed comprehensive booklet with detailed descriptions for all songs.

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