Sami Yusuf is by no means your typical British celebrity: The Guardian named him “the biggest British star in the Middle East”, Time Magazine dubbed him “Islam’s Biggest Rockstar”, while the United Nations has appointed him a UN Global Ambassador Against Hunger and recognized him as a promoter of world peace and harmony.

Millions have come to know him as an iconic singer and his strikingly strong, clear voice is heard worldwide on radio, on TV, and in sold-out concert halls, stadiums, and city squares. But over time Sami Yusuf has proven to be much more. Those who follow his music recognize his enormous talent as an instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and producer while many others have come to know him through his influential humanitarian work.

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  • 12/08/2022 16:12:13

    How I wish the world could have heard that music! SY #samiyusuf #alberteinstein https://t.co/QeDYoePz0C

  • 06/08/2022 09:47:58

    Turkish Sufi Yunus Emre’s poem inspired my new composition ‘For True Lovers’. I wanted to reflect in sound the all-… https://t.co/2yMIOqVuvx

  • 25/07/2022 14:02:17

    It takes extraordinary musicians to perform ‘Veritas’ in its fullness of expression. Huge thanks to exceptional art… https://t.co/WDKMB6wMkj

  • 20/07/2022 11:23:50

    3 million! My YouTube channel reached 3 million subscribers today! I thank each one of you who are with me on this… https://t.co/uHzmoLwmas

  • 15/07/2022 10:23:51

    The full concert: ‘When Paths Meet: Live at the Holland Festival” will be coming out soon. In the meantime, please… https://t.co/AjRVksLTsg

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