British composer Sami Yusuf is viewed as one of the most influential musicians of our time in the field of world music traditions.Trained from an early age in both Western and Middle Eastern classical music, his impressive body of work reflects his deep mastery of multiple musical languages. As a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist, at festivals and anchor events worldwide, his large-scale works shine with beauty and depth.

What dazzles his listeners is his ability to move fluidly and authentically among genres as diverse as qawwali, Persian classical, Middle Eastern Sufi music, flamenco, and Western classical. Dubbed ‘a megastar’ by the BBC, the numbers bear this out: over 45 million albums sold, over a billion downloads, sold out concerts at Wembley Arena, Royal Albert Hall, and an audience of 250,000 in an open-air performance in Istanbul. His recent events include the ‘When Paths Meet’ series at the Holland Festival and the Paris Philharmonic, ‘Beyond the Stars’ at the Dubai EXPO, and ‘A Timeless Presence’ at the UNESCO World Congress.

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