AR Rahman is a Good Brother of Mine – Sami Yusuf

Posted on November 9th, 2014

Sami Yusuf is one of the most loved singers/songwriters in the Arab world. Iranian born with a British descent, Sami Yusuf is known all around the world for his unique rendering style. Recently, the singer has lended his voice for AR Rahman’s upcoming international score for his film with Majid Majidi. The film titled ‘Muhammad’ is based on the life of Prophet Muhammad and will release in 2015.

In an interview to a renowned radio channel, Sami opened up on his experience of working with AR Rahman. “AR Rahman is a good brother of mine, I’ve known him for about eight years. We are fans of each other, I’m a bigger fan of course, but we like each other’s music.”

Sami said that AR Rahman asked him to ‘contribute’ to the film. “He came over to Sharjah and we spent time together. We hold a very close fraternal relationship,” he concluded.