Artist of the Week: Sami Yusuf

Posted on June 26th, 2013

43Sami Yusuf, hailed as ‘Islam’s Biggest Rock Star,’ is a stellar example of how artists can use the Internet, Topspin, and other tools to connect directly with fans… even from vast distances.

The British singer-songwriter has been connecting with his fans throughout his career. Sami and his team are at the helm of a global enterprise, with fans existing on nearly every continent and products shipping worldwide. Yet even at this level, they know the value of the direct-to-fan connection.

Because of this, Sami and his team are using the Topspin Platform for their needs, from getting fans, to emailing them, to selling all kinds of merch and music, all available from Here are some of the tools he’s used.

1. Email for Media Widget

With an email signup form right on his home page, Sami gives every visitor the chance to hear from him. Whether it be a new album, a tour, or even a chance to chat with him online, fans who want to keep in touch can easily sign up. Plus, fans who do so land on Sami’s exclusive store, where they can make a purchase if they see something they like.

2. Emailing Fans

Getting relevant messages to fans is incredibly important, especially when you have fans all over the world. For a special UK release for instance, Sami’s team sent out emails to only UK subscribers, ensuring fans received only the emails that were relevant and pertainable to them.

3. Topspin Powered Store

Sami’s customized store is the one-stop shop for all his music, videos, merch, and even ringtones. The store also ships to fans all over the globe, with merch sent to fans in places like the UK, Denmark, USA, Lithuainia, Brazil, Russia, and India.

Sami Yusuf and his team have built a storefront accessible to the entire world, showcasing how all artists (even bigger acts) can connect directly with ALL their fans… even those living far, far away. In the digital age, it’s not about distance. It’s about communication.

By Nic Chang (@nic_hsc)