Date of release: 12 Oct, 2018

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Tracklist + Liner Notes

  1. Breeze

    ‘Breeze’ was recorded and filmed at the annual Nasimi Festival in Baku. Sami Yusuf inaugurated the Festival with a concert on the 28th of September 2018. The Festival honoured Imadeddin Nasimi (d. 1417), the great Azerbaijani poet who is considered by many to be the greatest Turkic-speaking poet-mystic and the first master of the poetic Divan in the history of the Turkic peoples.

    Composed, arranged and performed by Sami Yusuf
    Mode/Maqām: Aeolian (with allusions to maqām Bayāti)
    PERFORMERS (From right to left):
    Hossein Rezaeenia: daf, dayre & vocals
    Ömer Avci: bendir, udu, bass darbuka & vocals
    Onur Cicin: qanun & vocals
    Sami Yusuf: vocals & piano
    Türker Dinletir: ney & vocals
    Kutay Ozcan: baglama, Turkish tanbur & vocals
    Jon Lawton: classical guitar & vocals


    Recording Engineer: Diego Biagioni
    Mixed and Mastered by Vishnu Rajan @ Andante Studios
    Video Editing and Postproduction by Omar Habib @ Andante Studios
    Filmed by Heydar Aliyev Foundation (Baku, Azerbaijan).


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