Let Us Not Forget

Date of release: 29 Jan, 2018

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Tracklist + Liner Notes

  1. Let Us Not Forget

    ‏Let us not forget
    ‏Let us not forget
    ‏who we are, whence we came, where we shall go
    ‏Let us not forget
    ‏We have now fallen and forgotten who we are
    ‏Wandering on earth with no compass in hand

    ‏But we can remember
    ‏We can remember

    ‏Let us not forget that although cast in this lowly world
    ‏Let us not forget
    ‏Although blinded by veils of neglect and heedlessness

    ‏We are placed here on earth to remember
    ‏To remember
    ‏Who we really are as we make this journey of earthly life


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