Ya Rasul Allah, Pt. 2 (Live)

Date of release: 22 Mar, 2020

Album Cover

Tracklist + Liner Notes

  1. Ya Rasul Allah, Pt. 2

    Ṣallū ‘alayhi shafī’ l-’ummah
    Send salutations upon him, the intercessor of the Muslim nation

    Bi dhikri r-Rasūl tushḥadhu l-himmah
    By mentioning the messenger we sharpen our zeal

    Yā Rabbi bi-jāhin Nabī ’azihi l-ghummah
    O God, for the sake of the prophet, clear the adversity

    Ṣallū ‘ala l-Hādi l-Bashīr*
    Send salutations upon The Guide and Bearer of good tidings

    Ḥabībī l-Badri l-Munīr
    My beloved the luminous full moon

    Shafī’ī ‘inda l-Qadīr
    My intercessor with the All-Powerful

    Ṣallū ‘alayhi
    Send salutations upon him!

    Ṣallū bi-’aḥla l-kalām
    Send salutations upon him with the sweetest of words!

    Ṣallū ‘ala l-badri t-tamām
    Salutations upon him, the full-moon

    Rasūlī, khayri l-’anām
    My messenger, the best of mankind!


    Words by Dr. Imed Nsiri
    Music: Traditional
    Additional Composition and Arrangement by Sami Yusuf

    FOH & Recording Engineer: Sachin Savio
    Monitor Engineer: Diego Biagioni

    Mixed & Mastered by Vishnu Rajan @ Andante Studios
    Video Editing & Postproduction by Omar Al-Balushi @ Andante Studios

    PERFORMERS (From right to left):

    Seyyed Mohammad Jaberi: daf, bendir & vocals
    Ömer Avci: bendir, tef, kudum & vocals
    Onur Cicin: qanun
    Sezgin Yaman: oud
    Emre Kayacan: kemanche
    Hasan Kirkisoglu: ney
    Mahyar Toreihi: santoor
    Hüseyin Can Pala: bağlama


    Sami Yusuf

    Special thanks to Ismail Boujia & his group for joining as guest vocalists (From right to left):

    Mostafa El Lachkar
    Ismail Boujia
    Elouafi Mohammed
    Hamza Idrissi
    Mohammed El Alami
    Abderrazak Idrissi


Ya Rasul Allah Pt 2, the latest release from Sami Yusuf, is a beautiful devotional piece that originated in Kurdish mystical circles. The piece is masterfully performed, and lovers of traditional music will be captivated by the subtle longing in the melody and the rhythm that is reminiscent of circles of remembrance. This new arrangement was recorded live at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music.


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