‘Light Upon Light’ Out Now!

Posted on November 11th, 2019

The new single, ‘Light upon Light’, is an extraordinary collaboration between A.R. Rahman and Sami Yusuf. Grammy and Academy award winning composer A.R. Rahman, India’s most renowned musician and composer, has teamed up for the first time with Sami Yusuf to produce this lyrical, devotional song.

‘Light upon Light’ is a love song for the Prophet of Islam. The artists believe that, in these turbulent times in which we live, these times when it can seem like the darkness of hatred threatens to overwhelm us, it’s crucial to look to the light surrounding us. And so this song is about the light of kindness, beauty and compassion that eternally radiates into this world. It’s about the light that dispels darkness. It’s about the light we need to see our way forward. Here it’s called the light of Muhammad, but as Rumi said, however many lamps are lit, there is only One Light.

Download/Stream Now:  http://andnt.co/Light-Upon-Light