Never Again

Posted on November 11th, 2018

It’s a story that was nearly forgotten. In the Great War, over two and a half million Muslims fought and worked and died alongside their Christian, Jewish, Sikh and Hindu brothers and sisters. Their contribution to the security of Europe was immeasurable and their participation lies at the heart of today’s democracies.

On this day, as we contemplate the horrors of that war to end all wars, we look around with trepidation at our current climate of division and hostility and wonder where it will lead. It is vitally important now to remember these heroes of different faiths who found a common cause and who made the ultimate sacrifice for future generations. As we honor them and focus on the significance of having this shared history, we take a major step forward into that peaceful, tolerant, and inclusive world that was the vision they gave their lives for. For them, for us, for our children—on this day we say ‘never again’.