Out Now: When Paths Meet (Volume 2) Full Audio Album

Posted on February 29th, 2024

I’m thrilled to share with you my new album, the ‘When Paths Meet’ (Volume 2) Paris concerts. These six new compositions were launched in this second of the ‘When Paths Meet’ concert series. I wrote these works as a way of gathering and connecting the amazing love, wisdom and beauty that’s at the heart of world music traditions. ‘When Paths Meet’ is born from the belief that there are patterns of perfection in traditional art, and that these patterns have a power that’s needed to counteract turmoil and chaos at an essential level.

In the Paris concerts we brought together music and musicians from France, from West and North Africa, from the Middle East and Central Asia, and from China in ecstatic dialogue. From the intricate geometry of the Baroque form, to haunting mughams of Azerbaijan, to the meditative sounds of the West African kora and Chinese erhu, it turned out to be a stunning collaboration. When you listen, you’ll see how brilliant these musicians are. They turned my vision into a reality and I couldn’t be more grateful to them.

Hypnotic melodies of the kora flow and join voices of many instruments as ‘River of Paradise’ tells its story of love and longing. ‘Meditations on a Musette by Couperin’ opens with the work that inspired the piece, and it is then re-imagined in the Turkic Segah modal system of Central Asia that mirrors the major scale of Couperin. Kora and choir bring transcendence from another dimension, as this exploration of musical languages concludes. ‘The Journey’ came from my dream about music as the common language between travelers on the Silk Road. It is meant as a journey in sound across lands and cultures. As for the final composition on the album, L’Amour Vivant, it is a work in several movements. The French lyrics are drawn from the French mystic, Therèse de Lisieux; Turkish words are by the 14th century poet Kaygusuz Abdal; and Arabic words are by the 12th century Persian sage Suhrawardi. It is, simply put, a declaration of love for all the traditions heard here – from the layered melodies of Baroque to the baladi rhythms of Arabia, from Central Asian maqams to the sensuous sounds of the West African kora and the Chinese erhu.

It was an honour to work with the stellar musicians of The Sami Yusuf Ensemble, The Scoring Orchestra of Paris, and The Métaboles, and with the virtuoso specialist musicians and soloists: vocalist Nabyla Maan, Eléonore Fourniau on vocals and hurdy gurdy, Ballaké Sissoko on kora, Guo Gan on erhu, Antoine Morinière on classical guitar, Loriane Llorca on the organ, and Nicolas Mackowiak on harpsichord. My deep thanks to all who made this event and album possible.

Listen Now: When Paths Meet Vol. 2

Watch ‘L’Amour Vivant’: Watch ‘L’Amour Vivant