Sami Yusuf dedicates song for Syrian people

Posted on February 25th, 2014

69Monday, February 24, 2014
Iranian-born British musician Sami Yusuf will perform on March 1st in Istanbul.

Iranian-born British musician Sami Yusuf will perform on March 1st in Istanbul. “The sheer plight and suffering is unimaginable, I dedicated a song to the Syrian people, Silent Words.”

by Sare Selvi Ozturk

ISTANBUL – After visiting a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, Iranian-born British musician, Sami Yusuf has released a single to raise money for Syria’s refugees.

The charity single is the backbone of the Live Feed Syria campaign, established in collaboration with the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

“A few months ago in my capacity as a Celebrity Partner for the United Nations World Food Program, I visited the Zaatari Camp in Jordan which left a deep and emotional impression on me.”

Yusuf, in an exclusive interview with AA, said that during his time at the camp, he asked one of the refugees how he could help. One lady responded by saying, “Sami, just sing for us. We will survive this. Just sing a song, so the whole world would know of our suffering”.

It is hoped that the single will raise awareness of WFP’s cause, while pointing followers to its donation page to support over 1.8 million refugees that are currently seeking asylum in Turkey.

“I don’t like politics and I keep away and portray the “silence” symbolizing the suffering and resilience of over 1.8 million refugees dispersed throughout the region. It’s really sad but I remain hopeful that Syria and Syrians will overcome all these difficulties. They are resilient and great people.”

“My global message can be best summed up by alluding to a few lines from my latest song Salaam: “I pray for a day when there will be justice and unity, when we put aside our differences; fighting makes no sense, just a little faith to make it a better place, we are here for a day or two, Let me show my way”.

Yusuf described himself as a traditional singer who is interested in traditional music and simplicity. He will be performing at the Kucukcekmece Arena Mega in Istanbul on March 1st.

“I think there are practical, as well as intellectual reasons for the “success” of my humble work. Briefly to say, many people around the world wish to hear spiritual music because spirituality matters. Spirituality matters a lot for these people and I believe that a large number of my followers/fans are those who really love listening to sacred music, and spiritual music.”