Sami Yusuf greets world with ‘Salaam' album

Posted on April 7th, 2013

Renowned British singer of Azerbaijani origin Sami Yusuf has come to Istanbul for the launch of his album “Salam,” which he considers a contribution to world peace.

Responding the questions by members of the press during the album launch at the Four Seasons Hotel on Tuesday, Yusuf stated that he does not want to be called a pop or rock singer. He said he was trained in Sufi and classical music and that his aim is to remind others of the realities in the Arab world with his music.

Yusuf also gave a small concert by playing the piano and singing some of the songs from his album. There are five Turkish songs on the album, one of which was written by Sezen Aksu. Yusuf said music is a universal language and that he wants to reach out to the world with his songs to bring peace.

The internationally renowned Yusuf, dubbed “Islam’s biggest rock star” by Time magazine, recently composed a song called “Forgotten Promises” in support of the millions of people affected by the worst drought in more than 60 years in the Horn of Africa. He is donating all proceeds from the sales of his song and its video to a campaign called Live Feed Africa, organized by the UN World Food Programme (WFP).