Sami Yusuf holds press conference prior to his concert in Baku – PHOTO

Posted on March 12th, 2015


Baku. Javid Zeynalli – APA. Popular singer Sami Yusuf has held a press conference prior to his concert in Heydar Aliyev Palace.


The singer said that he arrived in Baku a few days ago to prepare for his concert that will take place on March 14-15.


“I am very happy to give a concert in Baku. Nine years ago, I was in Baku and sang for the audience who loves my songs. It is a pleasure for me to meet with my fans again in Baku. I believe that my fans will be satisfied with the concert program”, he said.


S. Yusuf added that he will sing 19 songs, including “Sari Gelin” (The Yellow Bride).


“The songs “Sari Gelin” and “Küçələrə su səpmişəm” (“I Have Thrown Water Into The Street”) are the songs of my childhood, and I love these two folk songs. Azerbaijani music and Azerbaijani singers’ repertoire are dear to me. I have always listened to songs of singers such as Shovkat Alakbarova and Rashid Behbudov and loved them”, he noted.


S. Yusuf said if there are proposals, he is ready to implement joint projects with Azerbaijani singers.