Sami Yusuf / Live in Paris | December 2023

Posted on June 1st, 2023

‘When Paths Meet’
Sami Yusuf, Composer & Musical Director
Sami Yusuf & His Ensemble
With Les Métaboles and The Scoring Orchestra of Paris

Grande Salle Pierre Boulez – Philharmonie de Paris

Internationally acclaimed British composer and performer Sami Yusuf is known for his innovation and ability to transcend musical boundaries with authenticity. Trained from an early age in both Western and Middle Eastern traditional music, his substantial body of work reflects his deep mastery of musical languages as he moves fluidly from Western classical to contemporary to traditional world music. This is a composer who is passionate about conveying a universal spirituality through music and he brings that inner world to an audience of millions. ‘When Paths Meet’ is a rare musical dialogue across boundaries of cultures and time.

Sami Yusuf is premiering new works written especially for performances at the Philharmonie de Paris. His ensemble of musicians from the Middle East, Central Asia and China along with the vocal ensemble Les Métaboles and The Scoring Orchestra of Paris will be accompanying him on this odyssey.

A Message from the Artist:

“I couldn’t be happier than to bring ‘When Path Meets’ to Paris. I’m both humbled and thrilled by the overwhelming response to the first performance in the ‘When Paths Meet’ series at the Holland Festival last year. Our Paris concerts will comprise all new music composed and arranged specifically for this event with the aim of bringing  sacred and mystical artistic traditions of East and West together in intimate conversation.”

Tickets are on sale now:
9th December, 2023
10th December, 2023