Sami Yusuf Releases His Latest Album ‘Salaam’ in Turkey

Posted on March 27th, 2013

The multi-million selling star, Sami Yusuf, launched his fourth studio album, Salaam, in Turkey under exclusive license to Asir Media. The successful  launch was followed with a signing session. Salaam met a warm reception by the Turkish fans and media. For exclusive pictures of the album launch and signing session click here.

The Turkish version of Salaam album boasts a beautiful selection of songs, re-recorded and rearranged to include five tracks in Turkish: Susuz Toprak, Bu bir Oyun, Küçələrə Su Səpmişəm, Tek İhtiyacım Olan and Sensiz. Watch trailer.

Sami Yusuf made a special appearance at a concert in Antalya on 6th April. The event, hosted by AKDIM, was another tremendous success! For more pictures click here.