Sami Yusuf to Perform in Amsterdam at Holland Festival

Posted on April 19th, 2022

June 6 2022

Sami Yusuf to launch the first of his concert series ‘When Paths Meet’ at the Holland Festival in Amsterdam on June 6 2022. Featuring new works composed for the event, Sami Yusuf will direct Capella Amsterdam, The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra, and his own ensemble of international musicians in a rich interweaving of traditions.

Statement from the Artist:

Years ago, I began a passionate love affair with music. I see in it an immense power, a power to pierce veils of memory and forgetfulness, a power to bring both listener and performer into the vibrant, creative space of the present moment. As my affinity for the expressive modes of traditional music grows, I’m focusing my energy on composing and I perform rarely, choosing only events that have a special resonance for me and where I believe I can fully use my craft to convey something of the majesty of this art that I love.

I’m looking forward to working with the talented musicians of Capella Amsterdam and The Amsterdam Andalucian Orchestra in what will be a musical dialogue, a sharing of stories whose beautiful sounds may seem unknown or foreign at times, yet are always intimately connected to the deepest levels of our selves.

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