Sami Yusuf to perform in the Washington DC area

Posted on September 27th, 2014

Sami Yusuf, British Muslim superstar, performs worldwide to sellout crowds. His heavenly voice and his world music sound with a Middle Eastern flourish, has caused his fans to buy over 35 million albums and his FaceBook page to have 6 million followers.

Many of his songs (in English, Arabic, Turkish and Persian) have lyrics that weave in messages rooted in the teachings of Islam but that are truly universal—generosity, love of your neighbor, care for others and for the earth, tolerance and respect among peoples.

It is this message—of faith, of peace, of love—that clearly resonates with his millions of fans throughout the Muslim world, and that make him a representative of a powerful current within Muslim youth – a huge segment of the world’s population that seeks bridge-building and understanding, but whose voice is seldom heard.

And Sami consistently uses his fame, which he views as a sacred trust, to serve humanity. He has worked for several years as UN Celebrity Partner with the World Food Program, and on August 26, 2014 he was appointed UN Global Ambassador against Hunger. He has recorded several singles as benefits, such as ‘Hope Survives’ to aid survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Click here.

To bring attention to Sami Yusuf—to his captivating music and his work and his millions of fans–through an interview, is to show a positive and hopeful side of the Muslim world often drowned out by the noise created by the violent minority.

Sami Yusuf actively reaches out to the world in determined efforts to bridge the gulf that exists between Muslims and the rest of the world. His fans seek the same. As the Times of Oman wrote recently: “Muslims need more of Sami Yusuf and less Boko Haram.”

 Aug 26 -UN appoints Sami Yusuf UN Global Ambassador against Hunger
 Sept 12 -Release of Sami’s fifth studio album: The Centre
 Sept 16 -Concert at London’s prestigious Cadogan Hall
 Sept 26 -Rare U.S. Concert: Music Center at Strathmore, Bethesda, MD (Washington DC)
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