Sami Yusuf to perform live in Guyana

Posted on June 30th, 2013

44Guyanese will be in for a treat when internationally renowned artiste Sami Yusuf performs at the Guyana National Stadium, on September 28.

The singer is brought to Guyana through Inspire Inc in collaboration with the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) and the Muslim Youth League of Guyana. Yusuf has a huge fan base and has sold over 15 million albums worldwide.
He has inspired many by his spiritual and meaningful lyrics and his interpretation of the current state of the world. He is known for his singles “Al-Mu’Allim”, “Mother”, “Asma Allah”, “Ya Mustafa” and “Allahu”. The 32-year-old was named Islam’s biggest rock star by the Time Magazine and King of Islamic pop by Aljazeera.
Yusuf produced his fourth and latest album “Salaam” in 2012, which continues to spread love, peace and unity. The groups have invited Sami Yusuf to perform in Guyana against the backdrop of their desire to inspire the country, especially its young Guyanese, who are the leaders of tomorrow.
“We will continue to plan events and activities that will positively impact our nation. As we continue to grow economically, we must also grow morally and spiritually.” said Yog Mahadeo, who is chief executive officer of Inspire Inc.
He continued: “This is why this event will promote ‘peace, love and unity’.” This will be Yusuf’s first visit to Guyana. Yusuf has performed in numerous countries across the world, including the United States, Canada, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Bosnia, Turkey and the MENA region.