Sami Yusuf’s ‘The Wine of Love’ Out Now!

Posted on January 10th, 2022

‘The Wine of Love’ from Sami Yusuf’s ‘Beyond the Stars’ live performance at the Dubai EXPO is available now on video and all streaming platforms. 

The composition is a wedding between a Khorasani sound and ecstatic qawwali music, and the result is breath-taking. It’s a multi-faceted composition masterfully performed. Moving with fluidity between meters and modes, its transitions are meant to evoke the different states and stages the soul traverses on its spiritual journey.

As Sami Yusuf delivers his most powerful vocal performance yet, he is joined by Asad Khan on sitar and vocalists Riaz Hussain and Pooja Gaitonde along with other qawwali vocalists and tabla, dholak and harmonium players. Mystical Urdu lyrics are by Munna Shaokath Ali.

Many thanks to all the incredible musicians who delivered an unforgettable performance, and to our live audience for their enthusiastic reception of this euphoric piece. 

Listen/Watch now: