‘The 99 Names’

Posted on May 1st, 2020

As the slowing down of the outer world due to the pandemic intensifies the inwardness of this holy month, we can see that there is unparalleled power in the forces present in this particular moment.

As a surprise for Ramadan, I’m very happy to release the new single, ‘The 99 Names’. I’ve been working very hard to have it ready for this special time, and I’m so pleased to be able to share it now as a small gift for you. In sound and feel this provides a foreshadowing of the large project that I’m working on and that I hope to complete over the next year or so. This song is graced by the celestial backing vocals of Isshrathquadhre, Raihanah,  Khatija Rahman and Raheema Rahman, and by a dazzling percussion performance by Ömer Avci. With its simple chant-like melody, it is my wish that through this song people might memorise the Names because of the enormous significance each one holds.

The importance of the profound secrets and great wisdom in the 99 Names of Allah can never be overstated. Each one is a key that unlocks a mystery. And in one sense the entire Quran is an unraveling of the astounding scope of these Divine Names. While scholars and sages and poets have plumbed the depths of their meanings for centuries, still the true fullness of their inner meaning waits to be revealed within our individual hearts.   

As you embark on the inner journey of cleansing and reflection that is Ramadan, I hope you enjoy this single. I hope you find it uplifting and that it serves in its way as an aid in reflecting and meditating on what is truly important in your lives and the lives of us all.

With prayers and love.


Listen/Watch Now: https://sy.lnk.to/The99Names 

For translations and transliteration of Names click here: https://samiyusufofficial.com/discography/the-99-names/