The Eternal City

Posted on August 25th, 2022

I’m delighted to be able to share with you at last a little about the very special event in Samarkand, Uzbekistan I just participated in.

Marking the opening of Samarkand’s Touristic Centre complex, this fascinating event and mega production was attended by the President and Prime Minister and other dignitaries. My role was to compose a portion of the music for the event as well as to perform one of my pieces, The Centre, in a new arrangement with Uzbek lyrics.

What a delight it’s been to get to know and work with Uzbek musicians whose immense talent is rooted in their vibrant culture and traditions!

Huge thanks to the boundless talent and creative vision of the show’s production director and my friend, Andrei Boltenko. It was a joy to work with him once again.

Deep thanks also go out to Mr Bakhtiyor Fazilov for his invitation and gracious hospitality.

I’ll be sharing more images in the coming days.

With prayers and love,